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Friday Round-Up: This week in the news

January 15, 2010
  • From over the weekend- one local woman’s experience with homelessness.
  • This past Monday was Human Trafficking Awareness Day. This blog explains a little bit more about what it is and how you can help.
  • An article in response the the New York Times report featured last week: “TANF programs are simply not responding adequately to the recession”
  • Libraries are often safe havens for those living on the streets, and the San Francisco library just became the first to hire a social worker-
  • This blog from the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida gives a great synopsis of the National Coalition for the Homeless’s report on winter homeless services across the United States.
  • Demand overwhelms programs to prevent homelessness
  • One local GWU student, and a volunteer at Miriam’s Kitchen, is conducting her own research on DC’s homeless, which she will be presenting at the 2010 Urban Affairs Association Conference in Honolulu in March.
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  1. cfl_homeless permalink
    January 19, 2010 2:50 pm

    Thank you for including information about our blog on your site! I believe the actual link to our blog post about winter homeless services is missing in your post: you can find our blog post at

    Thank you again for sharing the information from our blog with your readers!

    Coalition for the Homeless

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